The intention of this website is allow students to discuss, rate and share their experiences of their students homes, be it good or a bad one.

As we are all aware, students have all had to live in some, hmmm how do I put this.....interesting surroundings. The purpose of this website is to spread the word in the hope that students can read comments and reviews and make an executive decision on their next rented accommodation.

With the help of you, the readers, I hope to create a database of opinions where all students can come read up on areas best to live, landlords to be wary of & the all important... am I likely to get my deposit back.

I realise that this only a start up website therefore it cannot 'add value' to your decision. However I would really appreciate if you could leave any comments as it will a benefit to your fellow student.

Note this website is primarily targeting UK students, but will look to expand once established.

Student Reviewer

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